K&M Precision Rifle Training Shooting Complex

Simply Unrivaled

K&M Shooting Complex Overview

K&M Shooting Complex was designed to be the preeminent training facility in the nation. A comprehensive plan was shaped from decades of experience in the community and a broad comprehension of the best ranges, military facilities and shooting complexes across the country. K&M Shooting Complex was drawn from the ground up, designed and built for the exclusive purpose of facilitating our training. Our students benefit from a wide ranging and complete curriculum where the training program dictates the facilities, not the other way around.

The Complex offers a scenic yet demanding environment that is ideal for real world training, year round. The facilities extensive acreage enables the use of over a dozen different ranges simultaneously. The 270 degree span of impact area enables engagements with varying winds, wooded areas, urban areas and open field targets. The facility was purposely designed and built to maximize time and training effectiveness.

K&M supports and trains various Military/Special Operation Units, SWAT/SRT Law Enforcement Teams, civilians and leading competitors from across the nation.  K&M is also the home of the largest national level shooting competitions and has established a reputation as one of the elite firearms training facilities across the country.

View the K&M Shooting Complex Overview Video or visit our facebook page for more photos and information.  Ensure to continually check back for updates – we are always expanding!

K&M does not allow day use visitors.  If you are interested in joining us as a K&M Member please click the link below for more information.

K&M Shooting Complex Features

    • 1200 Yard Known Distance Range
    • 1100 Yard Field Fire Range
    • 750 Yard Field Fire Range
    • 500 Yard Mover Range w/ 4 Automated Mover Systems (150, 300 &  500 yards x 2)
    • 375 Yard Rimfire Range
    • 850 Yard Unknown Distance Range
    • 500 Yard Utility Range
    • 700 Yard Urban Range
    • 500 Yard Urban Scenario Range
    • 300 Yard Carbine Assault Complex
    • Ten 270 Degree Pistol and Carbine Bays w/ 2 Automated Mover Systems
    • Numerous covered firing positions, 5 towers, 6 mock up shoot houses, various real world props and obstacles
    • Pro Shop/Automated Classroom with room for 30 students
    • Executive Clubhouse and Crossfit Gym
    • Private Cabin with room for 4-8 people (kitchenette, full bath, etc.)
    • Private Lodge with room for up to 18 people (Wi-Fi, cable, kitchen)
    • Members/Student Bunk House with room for up to 25 people (Wi-fi, Cable, kitchen)
    • 8700 Square Foot Pavilion (16 RV hook ups, water, restrooms, etc.)

Interested in Conducting Your Training Event at the K&M Shooting Complex?

Please contact us regarding facility use. We offer complete and partial usage to Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians. We will combine training, customize usage or start a training program based on your requirements. Short and long term contracts are also available. If you are looking to hold a corporate event, conduct training or host a competition and are interested in using the K&M Shooting Complex please contact us for availability and pricing.