K&M Shooting Complex Membership

Semi-private and Professional Shooting Experience

Membership Overview

K&M Shooting Complex offers range memberships for the marksman interested in a semi-private and professional shooting experience. K&M is one of the few facilities across the nation offering such amenities that is open to membership. As a member you will be given unlimited access to the range and be able to come and go as your time permits. We cater to the considerate and respectful marksman. Whether you are just joining our community or a seasoned veteran the K&M Shooting Complex will exceed your expectations. Corporate and Military/LE Unit memberships are also available. Feel free to contact us for more information on becoming a member and explore the K&M Shooting Complex here.


K&M Shooting Complex Membership Pricing

How To Become A Member

Step 1

Print, review, complete and sign the membership application, liability waiver, and range rules/procedures forms. Ensure you fill out all applicable personal information and print neatly. You will need to bring this paperwork to the facility when you attend the mandatory orientation.

Step 2

Contact us to schedule a range orientation via eamil or phone. New member orientations and range tours are typically conducted by appointment on select Saturday’s or Sunday’s at 8:00am. Please contact us to set up an appointment before showing up to the complex. During the orientation we will give you your membership card, go over the range rules, conduct a walk through and provide you with independent access to the facility. This will take approximately 30 minutes and your membership privileges begin immediately following. The initiation fee and dues for the first year are collected at the orientation.  Yearly dues are prorated from July 1st.

Contact: info@kmprecisionrifletraining.com or 253 225-6708

K&M Precision Rifle Training Shooting Complex Rules
  • If there are issues with any range on the complex please contact K&M staff.
  • Range hours are from sun-up to sunset 7 days a week.
  • Sign in and out of the K&M Shooting Complex with each visit.
  • All Federal, state, and local firearm laws must be obeyed.
  • No guests are allowed without contacting K&M for approval. No non-shooting guests or spectators. Approved guests require a liability form and a $30 guest fee to placed in the drop box prior to Range use.  If a guest is staying overnight in the “Members Bunkhouse” an additional $25 is required.  Text, email or call K&M for guest range and bunkhouse authorization.
  • All members are required to have their membership cards with them anytime they are on the range. All members are required to show their membership card anytime they are asked to and have the right to ask to see any members’ card as well.
  • The Range Gate(s) are to be kept locked by members at all times. Make certain that the padlock has been snapped into place and the combination(s) scrambled. Don’t forget to lock each gate once you leave. Do not share the combination with non members.
  • Never walk or drive past any closed gates, cables, safety cones or barricades without checking to see if that area is a live-fire area.
  • When going down range to paint steel targets make all ranges cease fire and use posted “downrange procedures” for each range. This requires visual and verbal confirmation that all firearms are clear and other members are off the firing line. No handling of firearms or ammunition while members are down range.   Pistol bays do not need to cease fire when going down rifle ranges.
  • Once the range is determined to be secure, with no other persons present downrange only then may firing commence.
  • Keep all vehicles on the established roads and away from the lower laying areas. Do not drive or park on any sodded grass near the firing lines.
  • K&M Shooting Complex is a “cold range”. All firearms are to be kept in a safe and empty condition until on the firing line.  Pistols may be holstered and drawn in the pistol bays, but must be cleared, locked open and remain holstered if members leave the bays
  • All members are required to wear eye and hearing protection.
  • Shoot from authorized firing points only. Each target must have a backstop before engaging. Do not shoot into neighboring property.
  • Shoot at approved targets only. Steel targets on the rifle ranges and paper or steel at the short rifle and pistol range. Paper or steel! Don’t bring your junk or trash to the facility to shoot at! Paper or steel only! No glass, clay pigeons, etc. Paper or Steel!
  • Do not engage ANY steel targets on ANY range with ANY rifle or ANY carbine closer than 150 yards.
  • Do not shoot .50 BMG at steel closer than 600 yards. 50 cal and .338 Lapua are authorized to engage IPSC style steel targets only.
  • Do not move targets from their locations.
  • Shooters must provide their own white spray paint and are required to repaint all targets before they leave the range! The range has target stands but members must provide their own paper targets and cardboard backing.
  • Shooting at rocks or any other inappropriate targets that cause ricochets or may start a fire is prohibited.
  • Shooting any flammable or exploding material is prohibited; this includes Tannerite or any other similar binary compounds.
  • Hunting, fishing or shooting at any wildlife is strictly prohibited everywhere on the K&M Shooting Complex.
  • Tracer, incendiary and armor-piercing ammunitions are prohibited (this includes “green-tip” or any steel core bullets – i.e bulk military ammo is often steel core – use on paper targets only).
  • Never shoot at K&M property or structures. Any props or equipment, which you might use, are to be used only for the purpose for which they were designed, including; tables, chairs, benches, trash cans, equipment storage boxes and target holders.
  • No alcohol is to be present or consumed by anyone, anywhere on range property. Any condition resulting in the shooters impairment will result in immediate termination of membership privileges without refund.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the firing line – smokers will police their butts into the trash cans.
  • Members are responsible to clean up after themselves and guests. Deposit trash in the appropriate trash cans or pack it up and take it home. Keep your range clean!  This includes brass, shells and any or all casings!
  • Open campfires, wood burning and charcoal barbecues are strictly prohibited everywhere on the facility. Only propane barbecues are permitted for use, but must not be left on the facility.
  • Absolutely no sales of firearms or ammunition are permitted on range property.
  • Any members under the age of 18 years must be under the constant supervision of an adult member.
  • The K&M Shooting Complex may be closed to members anytime we are running large matches. Check the schedule on our website and contact us to de-conflict.
  • K&M may refuse anyone the right to shoot and may order anyone to leave the range to enforce the range rules and preserve the safety of the range or the safety of its members. Repeat or gross offenders will have their membership revoked without refund. It is our intent to provide a first rate, semi-private facility for the serious marksmen.

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