Armageddon Gear Game (Changer Mid Size)


Color: Tan Waxed Canvas – Sand Fill

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This bag is so good that the only excuse you’re going to have for a miss is a bad wind call. Just when you thought the Game Changer® couldn’t get any better we have gone and done it with the new Waxed Canvas Shmedium model. It earns its name because the size is right between our legendary Pint-sized and OG bags, but the shot groups are tighter. If stability offered by Reasor Precision’s previous designs has changed your game, then you will love the support offered by the heavy fill and size combination of the Shmedium. Mobility is also enhanced with the new handle configurations making for more efficient transitions of this sturdy shooting bag. Plus, we have incorporated a new folded access pocket so you can adjust the heavy fill material to your preferred volume level. While some may say that the weight is impractical, Pro shooters will tell you that there is nothing more practical than getting impacts! If you want to turn your barricade shooting into bench-like results then try the Shmedium Game Changer® from your friends in all things precision. Specifications: Weight: 8.5 lbs. Dimensions: 8” x 5” x 5” Waxed Canvas Shell Filled with a durable silica based, subangular mineral Fully sewn with two nylon handles Proudly made in the USA PATENTS: 10,048,034 and 10,466,007

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in