Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine, Remington SA, 6.5 PRC


Hawkins Precision 6.5 PRC Hunter Magazine (Short Action, 3 Round)

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Hawkins Precision 6.5 PRC Hunter Magazine (Short Action, 3 Round)

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is a low-profile “flush fit” design that allows hunters the ability to run a detachable magazine without having the magazine extending below the stock line. This mitigates the chance of branches or brush snagging on the rifle during an inopportune moment and also presents a cleaner, low-profile appearance.

  • Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazines are made from a single piece of billet aluminum and weigh 2.6oz.
  • Made specifically for the Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM
  • May be compatible with other SA flush-fit bottom metals for Remington 700 pattern actions
  • Short Action Magnum cartridge magazine holds 3 rounds (~2.980″ Internal Length)
  • Users may need to contact a gunsmith to get the 2.980″ PRC magazine to feed properly. These magazines do not feature a binder plate and your action may need machine work to prevent bullets from catching below the feed ramp.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in

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