K&M Custom Long Range Precision Rifle Course


Course Dates: By Request (small group/private)


Please contact us additional information and available dates before purchase. Lodging is included in pricing.

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K&M’s Custom Long Range Precision Rifle Courses are designed specifically for you or your group. This private course provides a great opportunity to tailor a class to your specific needs and is perfect for corporate or family groups desiring privacy. Based on your goals and equipment our instructors will tailor their instruction to improve your long range shooting skills in realistic situations from 100 to 1200 yards. Throughout your course our staff will coach, teach, and mentor you culminating your training with practical exercises most common in precision rifle based scenarios.

We conduct fast paced courses (8-10 hour days) that are designed for novice and seasoned shooters alike. Based on your needs and goals, we can provide a variety of services during the course to include options such as full equipment purchase or proper equipment set up. Your course will be customized, beginning with safety and rapidly transitioning into equipment comprehension, fundamentals of advanced marksmanship, ballistics, wind reading, range estimation, alternate positions, moving targets and target engagements from 100 -1200 yards. Private courses will utilize the entire K&M complex, fully taking advantage of the 12 plus ranges on site. Students that complete the course will have a proficiency in firearm safety, firearm handling under stress conditions, advanced marksmanship fundamentals, and a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment. Students will also leave with with K&M’s systematic training methods for future progression.

K&M instructs more precision rifle shooters than any other non-government entity in the nation.  Our instructors practice what we teach, compete as often as possible and are ranked higher nationally than any other training agency.  Three of K&M’s instructors have won one or more national level PRS competitions this year and are ranked in the top 5 in the nation.  Many of K&M’s instructors have served on active duty, operating at the tactical level while employing and developing the latest TTPs and best practices.  These efforts and experiences are incorporated back into our training programs, allowing us to provide the most relevant training possible.

K&M utilizes combat proven and competitively accomplished cadre. The diversification of our instructors provides a broad perspective and the best talent available from Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Military Sniper Instructors, Veteran LR hunters and the highest ranked Civilian PRS Competitors. This unique blend of expertise and experience, combined with a dedicated and purpose built facility, is simply unrivaled. It allows us to offer the most efficient and professional training available. See the About Us page for more information on K&M instructors and/or the Shooting Complex page for more information.

Key Topics Covered

Based on your equipment and your goals our instruction will include the following topics:

  • Safety
  • Equipment set-up, selection, and care
  • Cold bore data and zeroing of the weapon system
  • Employing the milliradian reticule for range estimation
  • Understanding MOA and milliradian adjustments
  • Building your position, basic fundamentals of marksmanship, trigger control, recoil management confirmation
  • Positional shooting, prone, standing, kneeling, sitting with use of man-made and natural obstacles
  • Engagement of moving targets
  • Snap and multiple target training
  • Practical stress shoot exercises
  • Shot placement
  • Data gathering from 100-1200 yards
  • Internal, external and terminal ballistics
  • Understanding of environmental effects on external ballistics
  • Building your position, advanced fundamentals of marksmanship, trigger control, recoil management
  • Advanced wind reading

Number of Training Days Selection Guide

K&M Staff will assist in selecting the to appropriate number of training days when you contact us for available dates.

Consider One Day If:

  • You have had some long range training or experience in the past, your equipment is set-up and you would like to quickly learn to maximize it’s long range capabilities (there is little to no time for formal classroom time in one day).
  • You haven’t shot long range in a while and need a refresher.

Consider Two Days If:

  • You are completely new to long range precision rifle (you require formal classroom time).
  • You may require us to properly set up your equipment.
  • You want a thorough, private, hands-on, start to finish experience.
  • 1/2 to 1 day of common practical exercises after the formal training portion (obstacles, movers, common precision rifle scenarios, etc.).

Consider Three Days If:

  • You are completely new to long range precision rifle (you require formal classroom time).
  • You may require us to properly set up your equipment.
  • You want a thorough, private, hands-on, start to finish experience.
  • You desire more advanced curriculum.
  • Maximizes common practical exercises after the formal training portion (obstacles, movers, common precision rifle scenarios, etc.).

Lodging Options

K&M Cabin

K&M includes our exclusive private cabin for those that attend our private courses!  Exceptionally clean, cozy and entirely yours for your stay while enjoying the event!  This peaceful cabin in the heart of the K&M Shooting Complex and is the perfect get away after an long day of training. There is plenty of room to share it with fellow shooting buddies. With 3 queens and one twin bed, it sleeps 1-3 people comfortably. So whether you are joining us by yourself or want to invite your shooting friends, the cabin has your lodging needs covered.

When you start your K&M day, a small kitchenette (fridge, microwave, and Keurig coffee maker) awaits and provides the opportunity to heat up/prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guests have access to a smoker, BBQ and firepit just outside the the front door as well. The cabin consists of a living area with a sofa, coffee table that doubles as a lift up dinning table, robust heating and air conditioning system, Direct TV television and a fresh private bathroom. The K&M CrossFit gym and Executive Clubhouse are just steps away. All linens, pillows and towels are provided for our K&M Cabin guests. 

K&M Private Lodge

K&M includes our K&M Private Lodge for those that attend our private courses with group sizes of 4 or more!  The quarters are clean, open and private to enjoy your stay with your group while at K&M. The lodge is in the center of the K&M Shooting Complex and over looks our stocked pond and rolling hills. With over 1800 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms our larger groups can spread out with these comfortable accommodations.

The K&M Lodge has a full kitchen with granite countertops and is stocked with all utensils and supplies required for your stay. Guests have access to a smoker and BBQ. The firepit is just outside the the back door! The lodge has two living areas, two Direct TV televisions and Wi-fi. The K&M CrossFit gym and Executive Clubhouse are just steps away as well. All linens, pillows and towels are provided for our K&M Private Lodge guests. 

Pictures coming soon!

Long Range Equipment Packages

Build – Train – Shoot

The K&M Pro Shop is a full service equipment provider for our clients. We stock top of the line optics, custom rifles, actions, barrels, accessories etc. to help you prepare for a successful entry into the precision rifle discipline without compromise. We will recommend what we use and provide solid, honest advice regarding what equipment you have or are considering. Ordering a complete long range rifle package in combination with your training is common and available. We will assist you in doing it right the first time, while working within your budget. View our Pro Shop page and contact us for more details. Below are just the few companies that we partner with.

Recommended Equipment List:

  • 308, 6.5mm, 6mm or similar caliber precision rifle capable of one minute of angle accuracy ***
  • Match ammunition (minimum 100-125 rounds per day)
  • Quality scope with adjustable turrets and MIL or MOA reticle
  • Bipod
  • Sling
  • Rear Bag
  • Cleaning kit
  • Pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Rifle data book or notebook
  • Calculator
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Comfortable yet durable clothing (pants and long sleeved shirt recommended)
  • Durable footwear
  • Water
  • Food/Lunch to snack on throughout the day
  • Backpack
  • Shooting Mat (if desired)
  • Sunscreen/bug repellent

*** It is important that the equipment (rifle, scope, ammunition) that you are using for our events consistently meet our accuracy requirements. We will discuss this with you when you contact us for dates and availability. Once the course begins it is impossible to fix any deficiencies, so be ready to discuss your equipment when you contact us. Custom GA Precision Rifles are available for rental for those attending our events. Common match ammunition is also available for purchase.

Course Notes:

  • Lodging is included in the pricing of the course.
  • Your course size will dictate the instructor to student ratio.  Private courses will never exceed a 1:4 ratio.
  • ***READ THIS PLEASE***  All course payments are not refundable and under no circumstances can be transferred to a future course or change dates. Shooters should not register unless they commit to attend the training.
  • Custom GA Precision rifles w/ Kahles 6-24x56i or 5-25×56 scopes (w/ K&M’s/Shannon’s SKMR 3-4 reticles) are available for rental for those attending our courses.  A sling, rear bag and bipod is included in house gun rental.
  • Match ammunition is also available for purchase when choosing to rent a house gun.
  • All classes start at 8am CST. K&M on site lodging opens at 6pm the night before the course start date.
  • Gratuities, food, rifle rental, ammunition and transportation to and from K&M are not included.

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