K&M DMR Challenge


Competition Date: 21 July 2018


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New for 2018! K&M Precision Rifle Training hosts 1 day Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) matches designated as the “K&M DMR Challenge”. This match is intended for both veteran and novice shooters from within the regional who want a top quality event, great facilities, and excellent competition all within one day. The match designed around the AR15 rifle with a 10-15 power scope.

These matches will be a high tempo event with minimal “down time”. The course of fire will test and train disciplines from across law enforcement, military and practical marksman spectrums. Competitors can expect engagements from 5-600 yards on an assortment of steel, reactive, paper and automated moving targets, with the majority between 100-400 yards. Targets size will vary in difficulty based on the shooters position, distance and time allotted. Targets past 400 yards will be generous in size, with most 100% IPSC steel. Most stages will include “stressors”, either time and/or movement. The competition will require 100-150 rounds to complete the course of fire.  Scoring will be Time Plus Points which means performance is based around speed & accuracy.

Be prepared for an exciting course of fire with challenging stages designed to test both speed and accuracy. Stages will include shooting on the move, alternate positions, and moving targets. Our wide array of obstacles will challenge competitors to find stable positions to successfully engage multiple steel targets at various ranges. Light and maneuverable is the name of the game. While many will choose an 18” barrel and a 4-16 power scope, others will be satisfied with a 14.5” barrel and a 6 power scope.  Large frame AR10 style rifles are welcome. Red dot optics, suppressors, bipods, and shooting bags are allowed.



7:00am – Sign In/Zero Range Open
8:00am – Welcome & Safety Brief
8:30am – Match Start
3:30pm – Match Complete



Registration will be done on a transparent first come first serve basis through our website; the match will be limited to 75 competitors. To secure a slot shooters must register online, no other form of registration or payment will be accepted. Once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email/receipt. Match payments are not refundable or transferable. Once the match is full the site will no longer take registrations. If you want to be put on the wait-list or have questions about the match, send an email to jason@KMPrecisionRifleTraining.com. Wait listed personnel will be contacted when slots open.



K&M now offers our newly built bunkhouse for those that choose to reduce lodging costs and enjoy the camaraderie with the K&M Crew.  Cost is $40 (free for members) and includes a stay the night before the match. Competitors may sleep 1-3 per room depending on match size. Cable TV and a full kitchen are provided for our guests. Linens, pillow, towels and toiletries must be brought by our guests. The bunkhouse is immaculately maintained and is highly reviewed by past K&M visitors. The bunkhouse and facility gates will open at 5-6pm the night before the match. The gates will not be open to before then, so please plan accordingly. Please select the bunkhouse option when registering for the match.  No other means of reservation can be accepted. Bunkhouse photos can be viewed below and more facility information can be found on the K&M Shooting Complex Page.

Listed below are recommended hotels in Jackson, TN area – they are a 15-30 minute drive to the K&M Shooting Complex (approx 25-30 miles).

Americana Inn       
550 Sanford Street, Henderson, TN 38340
(731) 989-0111

Best Western Carriage House Inn & Suites
1936 Highway 45 Bypass, Jackson, TN, 38305
(731) 664-3030

Days Inn Jackson
1919 U.S. 45 Bypass, Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 668-3444

Comfort Suites
61 Casey Jones Lane, Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 868-1700

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jackson Northeast
55 Parkstone Place, Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 736-1174

La Quinta Inn & Suites Jackson
2370 North Highland, Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 664-1800



There will not be time to leave the complex during the event. Local services are 15-30 minutes away, so please bring food, refreshments and any other needed items with you for each day. During summer months it will be very hot, please begin to hydrate 24 hours in advance of the event date.


Rule Book:

K&M DMR Challenge Rule Book


DMR Match FAQs:

Q: Can I use my ACOG fixed 4 power scope?
A: Yes, but understand that you may find some of the longer range targets difficult.

Q: How many targets will be past 400 yards?
A: Although the course of fire at each match will differ, you can expect around 20% of the targets to be past 400 yards.

Q: What is the time limit per stage?
A: Most stages will be limited to 1 min 30 seconds.

Q: Is this an unlimited round count match?
A: Yes, you may attempt to engage targets as many times as you wish. However, it is usually best to attempt 3-4 shots per target then move on to the next and take the penalty.

Q: Can I intentionally skip targets?
A: No, shooters are expected to make a good faith effort to engage all targets on the course of fire. Intentionally skipping targets or making no real attempt to hit a target will result in a stiffer penalty.

Q: Will there be separate divisions?
A: Yes, there will be Light: any small frame AR15 style rifle and Heavy: any large frame AR10 style rifle.

Q: What calibers are allowed?
A: Any caliber may be used. Common calibers in light division are 223, 6.5 Grendel, and 224 Valykrie. Common calibers in heavy division are .308, 260, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Q: Will there be a prize table for this event?
A: No, this is a trophy only match.

Q: Can I bring spectators?
A: Yes, spectators are welcome at all K&M events. Please ensure that spectators bring eye and ear protection and sign liability forms.

Q: Will there be a lunch break during the match?
A: No, please bring lunch and snacks to enjoy during the match.

Q: Can I bring my golf cart/side by side ATV?
A: Sorry but golf carts/ATVs are not allowed during this match.


K&M DMR Challenge Yearly Points Race Series

K&M will track and maintain scores for all K&M DMR Challenge matches.  The K&M DMR Challenge will be hosted 3-5 times throughout the year, with a championship held at the end of each year.

How to Participate:

  • Shooters simply compete in K&M DMR Challenge matches – there is no cost to have your scores tracked and no sign up is required.
  • Shooters that compete in the K&M DMR Challenge matches will be ranked against all other competitors that participate in the matches.
  • Only the top two scores will be calculated toward points total, but shooters may compete in as many matches as they desire to raise their points average.
  • At the end of each year K&M will host the K&M DMR Challenge Championship.
  • Yearly ranking points will count towards 2/3rds of the overall points. The Championship match will count for the remaining 1/3rd.


Time Plus – the shooter’s time on a stage plus penalties and bonuses are expressed as a total time for each stage. All stages can earn a maximum of 100 points. The shooter with the lowest total time for each stage is given 100 points and everyone else’s points are earned as a percentage of that.

  • The shooter with the most match points wins and receives 100 points for the match towards the series.
  • Example: 1st place shooter scored 450 points and 14th place scored 395 points.
  • Applying the formula (395/450) X 100 = 87.77 K&M series points
  • The 14th shooter will earn 87.77 points towards his or her ranking
  • The 1st place shooter will earn 100 points.

K&M DMR Challenge Results/Standings