Manners Composite Stock MCS-PH (PRO HUNTER)


Stock Build Details:

RH SA Action
Proof Sendero Barrel Channel
MCS M5 Mini Chassis

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Full Wraparound, Structured Shell

Using our unique manufacturing process, we can provide both strength and elegant cosmetics by wrapping the carbon shell around corners and into the tips. On other carbon stocks, you’ll likely find that the carbon stops before reaching the top. In addition, we use a proprietary heavy fill in high-stress areas and a lightweight fill elsewhere.

The MCS-PH is engineered to deliver the strongest, lightweight product available in a 25-26 ounce package. While the butt section has a more traditional rounded design, the Pro Hunter has many hybrid features, including: comfortable high cheek weld for long range hunting optics; flat bottom for extreme stability when shooting in bags; slight inward taper on comb to add comfort for high-recoil calibers; and dual ambidextrous thumb shelves.


Reduced Web Area Behind Grip

Allows your hand to achieve more of a wraparound feel in the grip area, maximizing stability and felt recoil.


Molded-In Color and Texture

Designed for a lifetime of use without wearing off, giving you a perfect grip every time.


Molded-In Bolt Handle Notch

Designed for maximum strength which is critical in such a lightweight stock. An additional benefit is that the molded-in notch allows clearance in virtually all aftermarket actions.


Zero Exposure Bipod Rail

With a snag-free design, you can use this stock confidently in any environment. Scabbards, brush, and shooting rests won’t even know it’s there. The Pro Hunter also features dual compatibility — it works with both Harris and pic rail mounted bipod, with the rear of the rail actually molded into the stock. To accomplish this on such a lightweight stock, the shell is designed to hold up to any amount of recoil or load placed on the stock from the bipod.


Flush Arca Mount

A steady tripod mount is placed just ahead of the magazine area. The mount is recessed to enable a flush position, and hard-mounted to internal blocks to make it rock solid and dependable for years to come!

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 in

Elite Tac Moss, Elite Tac High Plains, Elite Tac Badlands, Elite Tac Sage Flats, Elite Tac Scorched Earth, Elite Tac GAP, Elite Tac Swamp, Elite Tac Back In Black Elite Clear (All Carbon Fiber), Elite Forged Midnight, Elite Forged Swamp, Elite Forged Scorched Earth, Elite Black Forest

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