MCS PRS-TCS (Tunable Competition Stock)


Average price, varies with options.



The new PRS-TCS was developed exclusively for precision rifle competitions. It was designed from the ground up with the ultimate goal of creating a fully weight-tunable stock to achieve the perfect balanced competition rifle while using a wide range of barreled action combinations. The PRS-TCS is loaded with standard out-of-the box-options not found on other stocks.

Standard configuration of the PRS-TCS with the supplied weights is 5 lb 9 oz. A weight of 8 lb 11 oz can be achieved with the optional steel rail and by adding additional weights. The action area of this stock is lowered so there is no need for a port or side bolt release cut to fit most actions. It is designed for all Remington-based right or left hand short actions only. This is a base model with more option to come in the near future.

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