Swarovski dS 5-25×52


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Smart Smart

New things always fascinate us the most. Just as traveling to a place we’ve never visited before can fill us with amazement, a new hunting area can provide us with exciting hunting experiences. We now have a rifle scope that can do the same: the dS from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Our response to today’s hunting challenges: The smart technology featured in the dS enables you to remain completely focused in any situation. The head-up display of the dS projects the key measurement data in real time without any distraction in the hunter’s field of view. You can use your smartphone to adapt the dS rifle scope exactly to your personal ballistic data. You can also personalize the head-up display. For particularly smart data presented in 3D with film clips or additional information about the rifle scope, simply download the dS Configurator from the App Store and click on the Augmented Reality button on the app’s start page.

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