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K&M Shooting Complex Training Overview

“Smart – Fast – Precise – Lethal”

Our comprehensive training curriculum encompasses classroom learning, practical exercises, and assessments to ensure that the student meets performance measures set by each course or his unit/agency. We offer realistic and demanding courses for shooters at all levels of experience and skill. Our cadre provide a professional and continuous hands-on mentorship approach, ensuring a valuable learning experience throughout the process.

We understand that our students come from different backgrounds with varying degrees of proficiencies. Our training is based on real-world experience, proven up-to-date training techniques/curriculum, and treating people with respect. Our training courses utilize our unequaled training facility and provide the tactical and practical realism that other courses simply cannot offer.

K&M utilizes combat-proven and competitively accomplished cadre. The diversification of our instructors provides a broad perspective and the best talent available from Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Military Sniper Instructors, and the highest-ranked Civilian PRS Competitors. This unique blend of expertise and experience, combined with a dedicated and purpose-built facility, is simply unrivaled. It allows us to offer the most efficient and professional training available. See the About Us page for more information on K&M instructors and/or the Shooting Complex page for more information.

K&M instructs more precision rifle shooters than any other non-government entity in the nation. Our instructors practice what we teach, compete as often as possible, and are ranked higher nationally than any other training agency. Three of K&M’s instructors have won one or more national-level PRS competitions and are consistently ranked among the top in the nation. Many of K&M’s instructors have served on active duty, operating at the tactical level while employing and developing the latest TTPs and best practices. These efforts and experiences are incorporated back into our training programs, allowing us to provide the most relevant training possible.

At K&M we train to get better. We get better when we train outside our comfort zone. This develops the confidence that is necessary for both the professional and dedicated enthusiast marksman.

All courses are hosted at our flagship Shooting Complex in Finger, TN. Review the videos below as well as our Facebook page, google, etc.  for more photos and class reviews.

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Questions About Our Training? - Private/Custom Training and Corporate Events Available

Contact us about our training, course dates, or request to be put on the waitlist for a sold-out course.

Private Training/Custom Events

If you are interested in private training or have a group and that is interested in attending training together please contact us for availability and pricing. To request an entire class for your unit/group/agency please contact us for availability and pricing. Custom or modified courses are done often and by request to fill Police Department and Military unit requirements. Integrating different handgun and carbine disciplines is common and available.

Use the K&M Shooting Complex for Your Training

Please contact us regarding facility use. We offer complete and partial usage to Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians. Short and long term contracts are available. If you are looking to hold a corporate event, conduct training or host a competition and are interested in using the K&M Shooting Complex please contact us for availability and pricing.